Xerox Total Satisfaction Guarantee*

guaranteeIf you are not totally satisfied with any Xerox-brand Equipment delivered under this Agreement, Xerox will, at your request, replace it without charge with an identical model or, at Xerox’s option, with Xerox Equipment with comparable features and capabilities.  This Guarantee applies only to Xerox-brand Equipment that has been continuously maintained by Xerox under this Agreement or a Xerox maintenance agreement. For “Previously Installed” Equipment, this Guarantee will be effective for 1 year after installation.  For all other Equipment, this Guarantee will be effective for 3 years after installation unless the Equipment is being financed under this Agreement for more than 3 years, in which event it will expire at the end of the initial Term of this Agreement.

*The SP Equipment includes iGen3, iGen4 and Xerox Continuous Feed.  The TSG is not applicable during the first 180 days of install. After this initial period, if the equipment does not perform up to the expectations set in the Customer Expectations Document for a period of 90 days, at the customer’s request, Xerox will replace the SP equipment with like or similar equipment.