Xerox Managed Print Services

Xerox® eConcierge

  • Earn lifetime service benefits
    Fixing a sidelined printer can be a real blow to your budget, but with Xerox eConcierge, it’s free. You earn service coverage through Xerox — worth $55-$800 a year — just for buying your usual supplies. Service coverage starts after 30 days and the second supplies order for each printer and continues until you stop buying supplies through the program.
  • No more out-of-toner surprises
    The Supplies Assistant desktop app tracks supply levels in the background and lets you know when supplies are low. No more printer downtime waiting for supplies to arrive or pricey overnight shipping charges.
  • End supplies confusion
    The Supplies Assistant desktop app identifies your printer model and tells you exactly which supplies you need.
  • No mark-ups
    Your supplies come from Shop Xerox and cost the same as they do on the Shop Xerox website.
  • You’re in control
    If you have many printers on your network, it’s easy to tell the Supplies Assistant app which printers to track and which to ignore. And Xerox eConcierge is contract free — you can leave the program at any time.
  • Track all your printers
    You can even use Xerox eConcierge to track and buy supplies for popular Brother, HP, Lexmark and Samsung printers. All supported devices (pdf)

How it works

1 Setup

Register for Xerox eConcierge.

Install the Supplies Assistant app on any computer on the same network as your printer.
Choose which printers to track.

Register with Shop Xerox ›

2 Track

The Supplies Assistant runs in the background and notifies you when supplies are low.

3 Order

Supplies Assistant creates an order with the supplies you need. Review your order and place it in a few clicks on Shop Xerox.

Xerox® PageConnect Services

A managed print service you can count on.

In the new economy, cost-ef ciency is a priority every day. For most companies, the cost of  printing—cost-per-print, routine maintenance, and service—is an unexplored opportunity for signifcant, cumulative savings. Your Xerox® provider can show you how to optimize your printing resources, regardless of manufacturer, and reduce your operating costs by up to 30%.

Xerox® PageConnect Services simplifies all the day-to-day management of your print devices. With visibility of your whole network, you can control and manage your resources more efficiently. With well over 1.5 million devices under management, Xerox is a leader in Managed Print Services (MPS).

PageConnect is a full-featured MPS solution designed specifically for small to medium businesses. It’s very flexible. Use all of its features or just a few. Manage a single networked device or your entire print environment. Choose the best balance of business needs and budget relief that works for you.

PageConnect Benefits

  • Cut costs on print consumables, service and cost-per-page.
  • Reduce energy use through device consolidation and upgrade.
  • Reduce waste, order only the supplies needed, with no excess.
  • Free up IT resources for more business critical work than the support and maintenance of print devices.
  • Optimize efficiency with remote management and lifecycle management.
  • Streamline operations with centralized support for multiple brands and models.
  • Increase uptime with on-site service coverage.
  • Gain visibility into print activity and trends with online tools to improve control and management of your devices.
  • Customize your PageConnect service for your network, print devices and operational priorities.

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