Network Solutions

Computer Sales & Services has extensive experience in designing and deploying both local and wide area networks including:

  • Cabling installation and coordination
  • Router configuration and setup
  • Wins/DNS server installation and configuration
  • Remote access configuration
  • Remote network management
  • Metro-Ethernet, T-1, MPLS and VPN solutions
  • Local and Wide Area Wireless

CSS can help you design and implement a network that leverages your existing investments, avoids costly downtime and saves time and money when you move to performance enhancing technologies. Our network integration and deployment services can help businesses integrate and deploy a complex network infrastructure that leverages multi-vendor technologies. We analyze existing networks, protocols, wired and wireless configurations to identify performance, interoperability and connectivity requirements.

We provide implementation planning, detailed logical and physical network design, rapid deployment and network rollouts, product installation and customization and operational services for network and cabling infrastructures. We can help businesses securely converge data, enable intelligent network infrastructures, and deploy mobility solutions by exploiting technologies such as virtual private networking (VPN), firewall security, content delivery networks, storage networking and wireless.

As the world’s marketplace continues to expand and the reliance on Web, wired and wireless devices increases, the network infrastructure has become a mission critical component for small and large businesses. Computer Sales & Services’ Networking Solutions can help deliver intelligent network infrastructure that allows companies – regardless of size – to manage their IT investments and support their business objectives. We deliver next generation solutions anywhere in the networking life cycle – from network consulting and integration to total network outsourcing.

Through our numerous alliances, including Microsoft, Novell and Linux, we are able to leverage emerging advances in optical, wireless, IP convergence, security and intelligent networking to deliver joint, best-of-breed solutions.

CSS’s Networking Solutions provide single accountability and real-world experience for services, while giving customers the power of buying and choice that our partnerships provide. We provide the best practices to help businesses examine where your network infrastructure is today, where it needs to be and how to get there.