Safeguarding Your Business

Whether you need to implement a disaster recovery plan because you are part of a regulated industry or because it is simply good business practice, we can help. CSS offers a variety of products and services to address needs ranging from simple backups, offsite storage and replication, to real-time data backup.

We have been integrating backup solutions for more than 20 years. We offer complete installations of software, hardware, and applicable infrastructure.

Backup System Audits

Today’s enterprise backup systems are complex and highly-configurable programs capable of backing up large amounts of data across multiple platforms. Yet, because they are so customizable and because performing backups across a LAN, WAN, or SAN is difficult, it is easy for sites to suffer from poorly configured settings, troublesome errors, and serious performance bottlenecks. Even if your system is working, it may not be optimized for peak performance or positioned to handle your anticipated growth.

Our system audits comprise a detailed review of configuration settings, performance, and operating procedures. During the process we investigate the causes of problems you may have encountered. After our site visit, we update your documentation on how the system is configured and what we recommend for short and long-term improvements in light of existing problems and expected growth patterns.

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  • Disaster recovery audits
  • Data recovery audits and procedures
  • Integration of backup and remote storage solutions
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  • Scheduling and monitoring automatic backups of data